About Us
Backpack Airsports was established in 2013 to provide real and honest advice to benefit the pilot, not the business.  Owner Adrian Palfrey has been working in the miliary aviation industry for 17 years, across many different aircraft types, and brings his professionalism and integrity to the sport.

Backpack Airsports operates from their very own property, Granite Field, and is the largest privately owned SAFA flight training facility in Australia.  This massive flying field provides many advantages as it is not inhibited by flying small circuits due to close proximity to neighboring properties, privacy issues, and tight landing options.  We conduct all student theory and flight training all in the one location so your time is not being wasted transiting from site-to-site

Our School
Backpack Airsports offers a full range of flight training options including Paramotoring (PPG) and Powered Parachutes (PPC) instruction by an experienced SAFA and RaAus certified instructor.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our newly graduated pilots. If you simply want a piece of paper at the end of course, then we are not the school for you as we do not sell 'just a pilot license'.  At Backpack Airsports, we train students to become a safe and knowledgeable aviator, having all the skills necessary to competently fly their own aircraft in a wide variety of conditions. Due to this, we do not offer the 'straight through' course model for training, but develop students over a number of months.  We only other small classes and as such have limited spots available on each course. 

Pilot Endorsements and Bi-Annual Fight Review 

We can offer a number of pilot endorsements including:

Paraglider - PG Upgrades, VHF Airband Radio, PG Tow, PPG.

Paramotor - Cross Country, Wheelbase, PG.

Powered Parachute - Passenger, Cross Country, BFR.



Trail Instructional Flight (TIF)

Want to see if the freedom of being in an open cockpit aircraft is for you? Why not take a Trial Instructional Flight.

1-Day Foot Launch Introduction Course

Interested in becoming your own pilot, but not sure which aircraft type is for you? Why not experience our 1-Day foot launch pilot introduction course at help make an inform decision.

Powered Parachute (PPC) Flight Training 

Powered Parachute aircraft are the safest form of flight as these aircraft have been designed not to stall or spin. 

Powered Paraglider (PPG) Flight Training 

Paramotoring (PPG) is the most compact powered form of flight which you can take almost anywhere and fly.