Backpack Airsports provides flight training for PPG from our training facility in Sedan, South Australia. At our unique facility, we run all theory classes, ground handling training, training hill flights, Tow flights, and our Level 1 & Level 2 flight training courses all at the one convenient location. Our school operates under the SAFA licensing and training syllabus providing you all the required knowledge and skills to be a safe and competent pilot.  We currently offer 1 block training session during Autumn each year to get through the majority of the Level 1 syllabus and on all weekends throughout the year when the weather is favorable to complete your training. 

If you are completely new to aviation and are looking to take to the skies for the first time or looking to convert to PPG from another form of aviation, we facilitate our course structure to each individual so you can get the most out of your training.

Foot launch aircraft are not only a challenge physically, but also psychological.  Each step of your training has been designed to build confidence with your ability to handle the aircraft as we give you the tools to allow you to progress along with your training safely. For more information in relation to foot launch aircraft considerations, refer to the foot launch conciderations information page  

Our PPG course is structured over a minimum of 18 flying days and we train in a variety of weather conditions to give you the greatest exposure to what you may expect when you’re flying away from the training environment. This includes nil wind launching, light to moderate wind ground handling skills along with how to deal with wind gusts.

Our courses are limited to a maximum of 3 students to increase students one-on-one with the instructor to accelerate your learning. Basic English language skills are required to enroll on this course. 

What to expect from course:

PPG Level 1 (9-12 days) - $2,970 

Level 1 is the foundation and the fundamental skills required to pilot a PPG and takes between 8-10 days to complete. Each day we build on the previous days lessons and start to develop your muscle memory. During this stage you will:

-        Become comfortable with controlling the wing on the ground in all different wind conditions.

-        Be given multiple flights in our tandem aircraft to give you the experience of learning to judge your check flaring on landings.

-        Use our training hill and/or tow systems to expose you to flying and use your newly learnt knowledge of canopy control to practice manoeuvring the paraglider. These flights are conducted at low altitude and in a controlled environment. The tows flight will gradually get higher as you become more confident to give you room to practice making turns in the air.

-        Be exposed to the paramotor setup and the weight of a paramotor on your back. This is to ensure you are comfortable with the weight and expose you to the thrust of the engine.

At the end of Stage 1, you should have finalised all theory and non motorised flights. Most people will leave Level 1 PPG training with 1 – 3 hours of non motorised / Tandem PPG Wheelbase flights.
PPG Level 2 (9-12 days) -  $2,970

Level 2 consists of all your PPG ground handling and all solo paramotor flights to complete your required 20hrs of flight time to gain your PPG Pilots licence

Important Information: You can bring your own gear or hire it from us. If you decide to bring your own gear it must be airworthy and of a suitable rating for student use in accordance with SAFA policy. Any gear that does not met the above requirements will not be allowed for use by students. The schools equipment availability is subject to students weight and size

Both motor and wing hire are subject to availability and T&C’s apply. Basic wear and tear is acceptable however breakages are payable by the hirer.

Training and Equipment packages are also available saving you dollars on training and new equipment cost. Additional costs of SAFA membership, and licensing fees will apply.