To ensure the best possible experience for our students, we confirm that the weather is desirable for training with a Facebook Post on PPG / PPG South Australia 60 hours before your training appointment. We ask that you confirm this appointment ASAP (within 12 hours) to secure your training position at Granite Field Flight Training.

We encourage all our students to call and let us know if they cannot attend their appointment a minimum of 48hrs prior to their scheduled training lesson. This is requested due to the negative affect which can arise in relation to short notice cancellations or simply a student Does Not Attend (DNA) with our training schedule. Our fight training facility relies on appointments to secure student positions/progression and income for the school.

With effect from 17 Jun 21 the policy outlined below advises how Backpack Airsports will manage students who do not attend their scheduled training appointments:

1.      Student does not attend (DNA) / cancels within 48 hours of their appointment with no excuse.  If the student confirms that they will be attending their training session but fails to attend, the daily rate of training ($350/day) will be billed to the student for loss of income for the day or the weekend they have booked.

2.      Student DNA / cancels within 48 hours of their appointment for family medical reasons (first occurrence). Student is to call as early as possible to cancel or reschedule. If it is a first occurrence, this will be recorded and a new appointment will be booked.

3.      Student DNA / cancel within 48 hours of their appointment for a second time for family issues. The student will be billed the daily rate of training ($350/day) for loss of income for that day or the weekend they have booked.

NOTE: all outstanding bills must be settled before the commencement of any further training.

NOTE: all weather cancelled training will not occur any of the above charges.

It is our intent that this policy is never required. Our team is here to help our student’s to progress through their flight training. However, we need to ensure that our students understand the issues that missed appointments/training delays can cause including the consequences as training days are precious due to weather constraints.


Granite Field Flight Training Non-attendance Policy