Backpack Airsports is the South Australian Dealer for number of brands including Sena Communication Systems, Icaro Aviation Helmets and we are the manufacture of the Sena to Icom Airband VHF and UHF Multi Communication System. 

These communication system, which has been specifically designed for the pilot, successfully transmits and receives loud and clear communications on Icom Airband VHF radios due to the adjustable pre-amp electronics that we have integrated, plus transmit and receive clear communications on Icom, GME, and Uniden UHF radios. 

With this system Pilots can simultaneously listen to both VHF and UHF radios with selectable transmission on either radio at all times.

With the Multi Communication System, the pilot has the ability to listen to 7 different audio sources and can transmit on 5 different devices.  This gives the pilot many options to communicate with, making this the most universal communication system available on the market for hand held radios.

The following is a list on what can connect to our Multi Communication System:

*   Icom range of Airband VHF radios (A15, A6, A22 etc)

*   Icom, GME and Uniden range of UHF radios (If you have another brand, we can customise the system to suit your requirements)

*   Bluetooth connectivity to your phone for calls or music listening

*   Sena Intercom pairing for full duplex communications with other pilots who have a Sena headsets

*   A second Bluetooth connectivity via the Sena SR10 Bluetooth 2-way radio adapter (a second phone or Bluetooth VHF Icom A16 radio)

*   Two additional audio inputs in the Sena SR10 Bluetooth 2-way radio adapter which can be used for navigational aid prompts and voice prompts

     from flying App's that you may be running on separate devices.

A great feature of this system is the simplicity to change radios that you wish to transmit on. A VHF/UHF switch located on your flight deck is used to change the radio you wish to transmit on with the added ease of visually seeing what you are about to transmit on before you make your transmission, so no embarrassing air traffic calls. All your equipment (radio's, SR10 and switching unit) is conveniently located on or in your flight deck with full wireless connectivity to your helmet. Simply turn on your radios and Sena Equipment and your automatically connected to your Multi Communication System. 

Note: you are required to fly with VHF radio when you are flying within a controlled airspace. Although it is not required if you fly outside of a controlled airspace, it is still recommended to listen to VHF for any air traffic that may be close.  If you choose to only fly with either your VHF or UHF radio, the Multi Communication System can still fully function with the radio that you are flying with.

Another great feature of this system is that it comes with a wired PTT (push-to-talk) system that connects to the Sena SR10.  Pilots can run a cable through their flight suit and attach a small PTT switch onto their finger. This allows pilots to make radio transmissions without taking their hands off their brake toggles for convenience and safer flying.

With the Multi Communication System you can choose to use any of the Sena range of headsets via the Sena SR10 Bluetooth 2-way radio adapter allowing you the choice of headset that suits your needs and budget. This includes open and enclosed cockpit configurations, ground operations or for the training environment. With the Sena headset range you are getting the very best in technology to have the clearest communications available.

We do use and recommend the Sena SMH-10R and Sena 10R headset for PG/PPG operations as this unit's foot print on pilots helmets is significantly smaller than other models. This provides less of a chance in the unit getting caught with your lines. Additionally the installation of the electronics on to your helmet is much cleaner.  The Sena 20s is a powerful unit giving the pilot many more options and great Bluetooth intercom range when talking to other Sena headset users.

The Pre-amp Switching unit has been designed and entirely made in Australia by us and we offer a full 2 year warranty on the system including Sena product warranty of 2 years. We are passionate about this product and are proud to place our name on it. This system fulfils all requirements that a pilot would want in their Communication system, but if you would like something different, we are happy to see if we can design and manufacture a custom communication systems for all your Aviation requirements.

We have over 10 years of commercial Aviation experience specialising in Avionic systems and have designed and built these units to do the job for all aviation applications using hand held radios including PG, PPG, HG, PHG, Trikes, Aerochutes to name a few.

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We also stock a range of Icaro Helmets and can help with all installation of communication systems to them

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Sena Bluetooth VHF/UHF Multi communication system for pilots