OZONE Paragliders are designed IN FRANCE and manufactured in Vietnam

Hadron XX is a reflex sport/cross-country paraglider for very experienced pilots, who are familiar with small, fast and very agile canopies with short brakes travel. It is a fast and agile wing offering plenty of lift, as well as comfy handling. Its domaines are classic paramotor competitions, long routes, slaloms and thermalling.

As every other modern paramotor wing, the Hadron XX features carefully designed airfoil section, in this case optimised for cross-country effectiveness. For the first time we used the Aerodynamical Flaps System - our innovative idea for easy take-off and landing even at high altitudes, as well as better use of thermal lift.

The Hadron XX is our answer to paramotor market demand for a dedicated high-performance wing with variable angle of attack and constant airfoil.

Ozone has taken the latest technology and best features from the VIPER 4, SLALOM, and SPEEDSTER 2, and adapted it all to a new mission. The result is one of the fastest and most stable PPG wings that we have ever produced.

The planform and arc are based on the Viper 4, but with a lower aspect ratio for a more compact and forgiving feel. The OZRP remains unchanged, featuring SharkNose openings and the highest levels of CM+ within the OZONE range. A pure 4-line rigging plan and a new internal structure have been employed to carefully control the angle of attack and increase the chord-wise cohesion of the sail whilst accelerated.

The overall effect is an increase in the internal pressure throughout the speed range for a more forgiving behaviour in turbulence, greater resistance to spin at higher angles of attack, and high levels of inherent stability at lower angles of attack. The efficiency of the sail has been optimised with miniribs, 3D shaping, and plastic rods for a clean, wrinkle free leading edge.

Viper 4 is more suitable for dynamic and slalom competition flying, thanks to a higher top speed with more stability across the entire speed range. Furthermore, a totally new riser system has increased both speed range and refined control in accelerated flight. A new PK system is built into the risers, and a 2D steering system with an additional pulley to install custom steering modifications for competition slalom flying.

The V4 PK system connects the accelerator and trim system on the risers. This yields a higher top speed (greater range of acceleration) with the same amount of travel in the accelerator.

In the V4 2D steering system, the brake line and tip steering line (TST) are connected to the main brake handle. This system allows the pilot to isolate control of the wingtip (TST), or the center of the trailing edge, or both together.

Overall, the V4 is a powerful tool for the most experienced PPG pilots who are looking to add competition results to their flying careers. Emilia, Alex, and the OZONE R&D Team thoroughly enjoyed the development of this new design, and we are confident that you will be impressed by all it delivers.



For those early steps into the air under power, ease, simplicity and fun must rank highly on the scale of priorities, and this is what CIMA PWR is all about.

Beneath the skin of CIMA PWR, runs deep the philosophy of Sky Paragliders which makes this possible.

CIMA PWR’s design thus dedicates itself to opening the world of Paramotoring to a whole new generation of pilots by offering simple launching, predictable pitch & roll stability along with a high lift profile for slow and effective take-off & landing and in-flight comfort.

A wing that will take you from beginning to beyond, that’s CIMA PWR

Prices start from $3850

Paramotoring is a rapidly developing airsport which brings the dream of personal flight to everyone.  Wing technology is always developing and there are a number of great brands that we support.  Paramotoring is an evolution of paragliding, while a standard paraglider is reliant on hills and the use of thermal conditions to self-launch, dedicated paramotor wings have been especially designed for a greater range of speed in mind.

We can supply Dudek, Sky and Ozone paramotor wings plus all accessories.

Advance Wing

Professional  Wing



The Warp is our new high-end sports performance paramotor wing for experienced pilots, searching for speed, agility and economy in one package, who participate in classic and/or slalom competitions and are perfectly familiar with active piloting.

Comparing it to our other performance designs, we can say that Warp is the bringing together of Snake XX and Hadron XX. Faster than both, it is as agile as Snake XX and efficient as Hadron XX. In thermal conditions, its behaviour is similar to a free-flying wing, with a good climb, glide and intuitive operation.

The Warp is a hybrid of 3 and 4-liner, since only such arrangement allows full adjustability of the profile geometry via the trimmer, speed and PA system (Power Attack) operation.

Warp as standard comes equipped with 2D controls. In the 2D layout, both the main control and the tip steering line are attached to the main control handle. This system allows the pilot to either independently control the tip of the wing and the centre of the trailing edge, or both at once. Thanks to the separation of the main control, the experienced pilots can adjust the progression of pulling the trailing edge to suit their preferences. Warp does not have a separate small TST handle, which simplifies control over the riser system both during takeoff and in flight.

Warp is our next generation wing for experienced competition PPG pilots. We are convinced that they will be impressed by its capabilities.


Dudek Paragliders are designed and manufactured in Poland.



All-terrain reflex paramotor wing. Raise your limits. Widen your comfort zone. Discover a sense of control that defies such performance. This is what makes flying ZORRO absolute fun.

ZORRO utilizes our SAFS (Skyflex Active Foil System) design. SAFS is our reflex foil design which enables ZORRO to possess a high top speed even with low to moderate wing loadings, together with a foil that remains solid even if the brakes are accidentally applied at full speed; an extremely crucial part of the philosophy of our Power Series design team, and Just one of the many features which makes ZORRO well suited to reflex newbies as well as with the experts.

DGAC certified and aimed at the intermediate to expert PPG pilot, ZORRO is for those pillots who are looking for a reflex wing that can be flown fast, yet with the ability to also offer efficiency and fun too, along with manageable take-off and landing speeds.

Prices from $4750


Beginner Wing

Advance Wing

Beginner Wing

Intermediate Wing

Professional  Wing

Intermediate Wing

Beginner Wing

The Mojo PWR is a versatile wing for both free flying and powered flight. Certified EN A, it is suitable for students in training but ideal for the newly qualified. It is reliable and dependable, perfect for pilots who require an easy, safe and solid wing for their first 100 hours of paramotor experience as well as paragliding ridge soaring, thermalling and XC flying.

The Mojo PWR is agile, stable and comfortable. In active air the wing is compact and forgiving. It is well damped in pitch, this helps it cut through turbulence efficiently making it very resistant to deflations and improving the re-inflation characteristics.

It delivers gentle, predictable feedback and filters air movements in an understandable way. 

Intermediate Wing

Beginner Wing


The Roadster 3 delivers all of the benefits of an advanced reflex profile and the patented OZONE SharkNose, with EN B certification*. The Shark Nose OZONE Reflex Profile was developed specifically for powered flight. It maintains a constant level of lift and internal pressure over a wide range of angles of attack, giving exceptional levels of stability throughout the speed range. In turbulent air, even at low angles of attack, the Roadster 3 is highly collapse resistant – the reflex profile absorbs turbulence and remains inflated even without pilot input. At high angles of attack the brake range is very forgiving, meaning that deep inputs can be made without the risk of stall.

Beginner Wing

Beginner Wing

sky Paragliders are designed and manufactured in Czech Republic.

Beginner Wing

The Nucleon XX was manufactured in Flexi Edge technology, offering better leading edge aerodynamics. Another key feature is the Shark Nose profile, guaranteeing high pressure in cell intakes area (=even better safety) in full speed/angle of attack range. Also the 3D ballooning was taken into account even more precisely than earlier wings.

For the first time in this category we've decided to offer the 2D steering as standard feature. This includes precisely designed progression, so the paraglider can be steered surely and effortlessly. At high speeds the paraglider can be very precisely steered with new, improve,light TST handle. Nucleon XX sports anniversary colour design of the four elements - Air, Water, Earth and Fire.


Advance Wing

Professional  Wing


Sometimes it is not enough to fly within the boundaries.  Sometimes the urge to push the limits is very strong. If you have to, then you really have to give it a try. And here we come with Z-BLADE, the Game Changer… to the bone! Z-BLADE – the freestyle & racing, a wing with spirit!

Z- BLADE is a dynamic PPG wing that moves your horizons and pushes your limits. Z-BLADE is the performance, enjoyment and technological treasure that brings your flying to a totally new level.

Z-BLADE features SAFS (Skyflex Active Foil System) design that provides stability even if the brakes are applied at any range of speed. Our SAFS reflex foil design enables Z-BLADE to possess the highest safety levels and wing profile sturdiness to ensure you will enjoy the performance in the very best and safest way.

Z-BLADE speed system and trimmers are designed to guarantee the stability of the wing profile in all the speed ranges and configurations.

A “PK System” is added to Z-BLADE risers to improve the behavior in the dynamic turns (for pylon racing, freestyle or just the fun of it). They offer the possibility to accelerate and release the trimmer in a single movement, just by pushing the speed bar.

Z-BLADE is DGAC certified and aimed to the racing, freestyler or expert PPG pilot target.Z-BLADE is for those pilots who are looking for a reflex wing that can be flown dynamically and fast, with the capability to offer precision and fun, keeping efficiency and manageability in take-off and landing speeds.


certified EN-B and LTF-B paraglider

If you are interested in flying and unsure which way you want to go, Paragliding or Paramotoring, this canopy is a good choice.

The Universal has received both free-flying (EN-B) and paramotor (DGAC) certificates. 

Beginning XC pilots will surely appreciate exceptional comfort in uneasy thermals, resulting from considerable amount of reflex traits present in the design. On activating the trimmers and setting up the ALC+ steering, Universal becomes a full reflex paramotor wing, good for both leisure and cruise flying, thermalling, last but not least for initial Paramotor wing.

FLUX has soul. Sky design team has engineered an intermediate PPG wing that offers feeling, versatility, efficiency and ease of use.  FLUX is just as at home thermaling with the engine off or on tick-over, as it is on a fast cruise with the trimmers off, eating up the Kilometers.

FLUX is a wing for Intermediate Pilots who like to thermal and motor glide,
to climb & cruise with fuel efficiency and 
to take off and land in short distances.

Key features include; Fuel efficient, Versatile speed range, Thermalling ability, Skytex water repellant fabric, Structured leading edge, Trimmer & accelerator risers, Tip steering system, High/low optional hang points, and Low speed take-off & landing.

Prices start from $4000