PPG smoke system is a ball bearing based, high flow rate, low energy consumption pump - specifically designed for paramotor smoke applications. Compatible with aircraft smoke oil or baby oil. 

Lightweight, small form-factor and single piece pump design with a power switch and on/off smoke toggle. Lasts up to 4 hours on rechargeable AA batteries or 120 flights with 2 minute smoke runs.  

It is everything you need included in a single package. The ultimate paramotor smoke system, designed from end to end for PPG applications.

Vortex Aero Exhaust Pipe for ALL Moster 185 engines. This exhaust pipe does not come with silencer. You must use your exsisting MOSTER silencer.

If you would like to buy our complete pipe kit, please click here.
Are you tired of not being able to cruise at a steady speed, or do foot drags? Does your pipe have cracking issues? Then this is the pipe for you.

Our exhaust pipe is designed specifically for paramotor flying (smooth and linear). It is made from materials that are specifically designed for exhaust systems, and will withstand the vibration, expansion and contraction that exhaust systems endure.

We ceramic coat the pipe for optimum performance. Ceramic coatings contain the gaseous heat in your pipe, causing the gasses to heat up and expand. The gas gets trapped in the exhaust pipe, giving it no other place to go except out the exit port. This results in a boosted flow, allowing a rush of fresh charge to enter into the cylinder, giving you MORE HP when you need it the most (engine hot at climb out under load).


A low cost, lightweight, high drag, chase cam. It easily snaps together and breaks down. Pegs for wrapping the tow line and bridle during assembled or disassembled storage. Snag free connection points to ensure your wings lines stay clear. Launch and land while capturing every second of your flight, without tangles from zip ties or heavy 3D prints that deform in heat.

Balance points for a variety of cameras and a flat surface mount for GoPro or adhesive sticky mounts. The tow line itself is an adjustable 18’ft / 5.4m with a 16” / 40cm bridle allowing for line-free unobstructed photos and videos.



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