Products that we are proud to supply:


Paramotoring is a rapidly developing airsport which brings the dream of personal flight to everyone.  Paramotoring or “Powered Paragliding” (PPG) is the latest in foot-launched ultralight aircraft and is the most affordable form of powered flight. Paramotoring is an evolution of paragliding, while a standard paraglider is reliant on hills and the use of thermal conditions to self-launch, adding an engine enables take off to be achieved within a few paces from any suitable flat field for you to explore and create your own adventures.

There are a multitude of manufacturers producing paramotors both in Australia and throughout the world. Like with all products available, you have the choice of cheap chinies gear through to high quality of European equipment.  There is also a number of Australian manufacture suppling world class equipment that we are proud to supply.  


We stock products manufactured both here in Australia and Europe to ensure you have the very best with your aviation equipment. 

Most Paramotor engines are single cylinder 2 stroke engines although improvements in design have allowed an emergence of the 4 stroke variety. Different size and type of engine produce various levels of thrust, the choice being dependant on size of pilot and wing.  Some have electric start while some have pull start options but not all are easy to re-start in the air. 

We can customise your personal Paramotor package to suit your needs and budget.

We all think it will never happen to us, the rare engine out or a mistake in a turn .  

One thing we all can agree on is that it has happened to all of us in the past and will happen again. What we should learn is to always prepared for all situations.  

Please take the time to watch this youtube video of how the most beautiful flight can potentially be our last.


The PowerFloat Flotation Device is a MUST for pilots who fly over or around water. In the rare case an emergency landing or reserve chute deployment is required, the PowerFloat System can save your life. Some Paragliding & Powered Paragliding harnesses on the market can be difficult to exit from, especially if you make an emergency water-landing. Pilots have lost their machines and even their lives in situations like this. The PowerFloat flotation device is designed to rapidly inflate in such a situation, keeping the pilot and their equipment from sinking to the bottom of a body of water. Featuring a non-invasive compact design, the PowerFloat System is easy to install, lightweight, and a small price to pay for the safety it offers. With more flotation than other models on the market, the PowerFloat can keep even the largest pilots or machines afloat. 

Aussies made and exported to the world,  it’s a small price pay to have piece of mind for your safety. 

Paragliders and Paramotor Power float system - $299 

Hang gliders and Trike Power float system - $319