Once you have your (PG3) paragliding license you can start your Motor endorsement that allows you to expand on your flying skills. Backpack Airsports can help facilitate this as we are a SAFA approved flight training school in South Australia and are here to recommend the approval for the issuance of a number of endorsements including VHF radio and Paramotoring to SAFA members.

We able to run these endorsements all year round at our flying site, Granite Field - Sedan and can also offer  camping with plenty of room for the family.


In Australia a pilot license is required to fly either Paragliders or Paramotors. 

To learn how to fly Paramotors you have two options your can take.  Either a straight through PPG course or gain your Paraglider license first, then gain the necessary wing skills to complete a PPG endorsement. 

A paraglider course will take 8-14 days depending on weather and cost $1800-$2250.   If after your paragliding experience you wish to fly Paramotors, you first have to obtain PG3 rating (15hrs of Paragliding) to start your PPG training. To fly Paramotors solo you have obtained your PG4 rating (30hrs of Paragliding) plus your VHF rating and gained your PPG endorsement.

A straight through Paramotor course will cost around $3,950-$5,850 and will take 14-20 days again depending on weather to gain the 20hours of flight time required to gain your licence. You will also require to complete a further 10 hours of flight time after this with the instructor or SSO and obtain your rating to fly solo. With this rating you are then permitted to fly solo by yourself.

We are the first Paraglider / Paramotor school in South Australia and here to work with your for your pilots licence.  However we only offer block courses once a year over Autumn and outside of that, we train on weekends only when the weather is favourable.  For other paragliding / Paramotoring schools in Australia, please use the following link to the Sports Aviation Federation of Australia as they are the governing body for Paragliders, Hang gliders, ect, and have a list with all the accredited training providers. 


If you have any questions or would like further information about endorsements we can provide, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Hope to see you in the sky's soon, Adrian