SkyMax Star frame

Titanium cage hoop and hoop struts is light weight but strong for beginners 


New Atom80 weighing in at only just 10.5kg complete

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  • 'Wings over Autumn' Fly-in 2022                   The 7th annual Wings Over Autumn is a free event open to all forms of light aviation.  Event starting Friday 15th April through to Midday Sunday 17th April.  We will be Flying from dawn from the huge 1000m x 500m field.  Pilots and their families are welcome. 
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ppg take off

becoming your own pilot

We can facilitate all your flight training requirements for Powered Powerchutes right here in SA - Click Flight Training for more information.

If you prefer to foot launch - The easiest way to start your dream for foot launch flying is to register your interest with Backpack Airsports. We can provide you with all the products and information you require to become your own Backpack Pilot and organise all your training requirements through our highly experienced training partner – Matt Fox from Fox Air Sports. 


dream  to fly

Discover the affordability and flexibility of Paramotoring and Aerochutes, live your dream to fly!

We currently have over 15 years of technical experience in the commercial Aviation industry.  Let us ensure you have the all the right gear at the right price to take to the sky's Safely.

As this is our hobby and its our passion, all profits are 100% invested straight back into purchasing a bigger range of parts to support you flying.  We strive to be the most competitive dealer in Australia! Contact us to compare!

New products

Paramotor, Paragliding and Powered Parachutes in Adelaide Sa

dudek universal 1.1

The all in one, Paramotor and Paraglider wing perfect for all flying.

 launching your paramotor

Many skills are required to take off with your paramotor.  These include warming up your engine, centring yourself with your wing, wing inflation, correcting yourself under the wing and accelerate until your airborne.

video of past events