Paragliding Lessons

If you already have your Paraglider Licence, we are able to provide you with your Paramotoring, XC and VHF SAFA Endorsement's                            

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Part of your journey in becoming a Backpack Pilot, you must be a member of the SAFA (Sports Aviation Federation of Australia) and comply with all the rules and regulations of the SAFA constitution to fly a Paragliders/Paramotors in Australia.   The SAFA  administers hang gliding, paragliding including the motor operations to standards approved by CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Association). CASA is the federal body governing all Aviation in Australia to ensure you fly safely.                                     for more information on the SAFA.

You too can become your own Pilot.  Go out and explore this spectacular world with aircraft that you can fit in your ute or trailer with no hanger fee's. .

coastal paragliding

Soaring flights is achieved by utilising winds that are directed upwards by a fixed object like Dunes or Ridges along the coast. Ridge soaring is the easiest way for you to rack up long flights in smooth air while building upon your skills as a pilot.


Competitions are a great opportunity for you to grow as a pilot from the local to the international levels. Paragliding competitions normally have tasks or goals set for the pilot to fly. Paramotor competitions involve scored launches, precision tasks, time tasks and spot landings.


Paramotoring is the most accessible and cheapest motorised aviation available. The entire aircraft will actually fit into the boot of your car allowing you the freedom to take off almost anywhere and explore the world. Fly locally or adventure on cross country (XC) flights, the choice is yours.

inland paragliding

Pilots enjoy the thrill of finding and utilising thermals to achieve great altitudes and distances on cross country (XC) flights. Thermalling in a paraglider on the right day can see you climb in lift between 500 to 2000 feet per minute and fly for hundreds of kilometres.

types of backpack flying

The power of flying motivates many people to go and explore, discovering new places that they would not normally see. At Backpack Airsports we are passionate about our flying and we strive to make your flying experience unforgettably the best with the freedom of flying your very own aircraft.

Backpack Airsports are able to provide you with quality Paramotor and Paragliding products, from complete setups to all your specialised flying equipment to keep you flying safely and with confidence.